Hickory Haven Daylily Gardens

Hickory Haven Daylily Gardens is nestled off Hickory Road in Hickory Corners, Michigan; 1.7 miles west of the tiny town of Hickory Corners and 0.7 mile from M-43. We are north of Gull Lake and south of Delton, with the Gilmore Classic Car Museum being our neighbor to the west. 

My late husband, Steven, had a passion for daylilies and quickly became an avid collector, leading to Hickory Haven Perennials and our first Garden Day in July of 2004.  Hybridizing caught his interest, and soon he had hundreds of seeds to plant and new daylilies to evaluate. In 2013, we changed our name to Hickory Haven Daylily Gardens. Over the years, the daylilies were a source of passion and focus as Steve courageously battled cancer for 10 years.  I served alongside him as his support in the gardens and in sales, and as a cheerleader in his hybridizing efforts, as well as living life fully. I am carrying on with the care-taking of the gardens, with sales, and am looking forward to evaluating the plants Steve has hybridized. However, 2017 will be my last season of operation. 

Many thanks go out to our family and friends who have been supportive of our garden day events; they could not have taken place without them. Please look for more garden events this summer. Please call ahead if you would like to tour our gardens.

In memory of our beloved Steven.

Hickory Haven Daylily Gardens was his dream and a result of his hard work.

Leaving a Legacy